Logistics and Distribution

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When you choose a logistics and distribution partner, you're looking for much more than floor space and forklifts. You're looking for someone you can count on to help your business. You need someone who'll eliminate headaches, not cause them.

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How will the product arrive at the TDS Warehouse?
Is the product unitized?(Palleted, Crated, Slipsheets, Clamped, Etc.)
Which type of unitized stack?
What are the dimensions of the unitized stacks? [(L)x, (W)x, (H)]?
Are there more than 1 item (SKU) per unitized quantity?
If so, how many items (SKUs) are there per unitized stack (average)?
Is the product to be inventoried by serial number or production code date as well as by item (SKU)?
What unit of measure will be used to receive and ship the product (Pallets, Cases, Eaches, Etc.)?
How many inventory units (Cases, Pallets, Eaches, Etc.) are there on each inbound load (average)?
How many items (SKUs) are there on each inbound load (average)?
What is the average order size in inventory units?
How many items (SKUs) are there per order (average)?
What percentage of the product shipped is in full stacks?
How many orders are there per day (average)?
How many items (SKUs) are there per order (average)?
Is there a requirement to record serial numbers or production code dates on shipped orders?
Is EDI capability required?
Are ASNs required?
Is labeling required for outbound shipment?

How many storage configuration units (pallets, stacks, rolls, crates, etc.) can be stacked upon one another?
How many total items (SKUs) will be in inventory?
How many times is the product projected to turn annually?