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C-TPAT (CBP) Customs Compliance (CBP) FAST Program
Cost Benefit Survey Report ABC's of Prior Disclosure FAST Fact Sheet (CBP)
Supply Chain Security Best Practices 2006 Customs Administrative Enforcement Process FAST Reference Guide (CBP)
FAST Fact Sheet 2008 Reasonable Care: A Checklist for Compliance CBP: FAST for U.S. imports
FAST Ref Guide 2005 Recordkeeping  
HTS Classification NAFTA Valuation
Tariff Classification (CBP) What to Expect from a NAFTA Verification (CBSA) Buying and Selling Commissions (CBP)
Tariff Classification of "Sets" (CBP) D Memo: Verifications of Origin (CBSA) Customs Value (CBP)
USA: Harmonized Tariff Schedule D Memo: Proof of Origin (CBSA) Importers Valuation Guide (CBSA)
International Customs Tariffs Bureau U.S. Rules of Origin (CBP) Related Party Transactions (CBP)
European Commission Tariff Database NAFTA Certificate of Origin (Import into U.S.) Canada Border Services Agency: Valuation
Canada: 2008 Customs Tariff Canada Border Services Agency: NAFTA resources World Trade Organization: Valuation
U.S. customs rulings NAFTA: Rules of Origin  
  NAFTA Secretariat  
  NAFTA: Text of the agreement  
  NAFTA U.S. Customs and Border Protection: NAFTA  


Export Regulation EAR MX Import Compliance
AES Direct