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TDS, Inc, has the technical expertise to tackle your most complex trade issues. We have partnered with leading trade professionals in the field to further guide you through complex customs events. We will support you with immediate solutions and long term remedies to ensure compliance.

Consultant at TDS offices          View bio         We offer technical expertise in the following areas
Victor A. Gonzalez, Esq.

. Compliance programs - Assessments and improvement plans, process and internal control design, valuation, voluntary disclosures and appeals, and post-entry audits.
. Export controls - Jurisdiction determination and export licensing assistance.
. Classification services - Determine the correct tariff classification for new products or reassess existing ones for import classification HTS/HS, Schedule B and/or Export Control Classification.
. International trade agreements - Rules of origin and marketing, origin determination, origin verification, supplier management programs.

The US Customs Service and Border Protection along with their Mexican Counter parts are increasing their focus on compliance verification audits. This means that all importers will eventually be audited, regardless of size or industry. Compliance errors can mean escalating penalties, repetitive customs audits, repayment of past duties and taxes, border delays and storage fees, increased inspections and, ultimately, the loss of importing privileges. If poor compliance practices are not addressed and corrected, the costs can add up quickly and result in a serious impact to your business.

TDS, Inc. can help by providing the following services for both US and Mexican Law and regulation.

Consulting Services TDS . Compliance Assessment*
. Compliance Diagnostic*
. Process Control*
. Value Determination and HTS rulings
. Voluntary Disclosures and Appeals
. Audits and Audit Assistance
. Post-entry Audits & Penalty Mitigation
. Post NAFTA Claims
. Value added services to existing customers

TDS offers additional trade services you for preferred duty rates or to help you manage your participation in trade agreements, including:

. Annual solicitation of your North American suppliers for Certificates of Origin for the products and parts they provide.
. Creation of a supplier database that cross-references products and parts under NAFTA.
. Help to qualify your goods or new products for NAFTA or other preference criterion-based trade agreements to reduce your duties.
. Training for Import / Export employees for NAFTA certificate of origin supplier solicitation.
. Validation that your claims under NAFTA are correct, eliminating the significant risk of paying back duties with interest or financial penalties in case of a customs audit.

Our origin certification service involves:

. Identification of the specific rule of origin based on the HS classification (and/or BOM).
. Classification of component material to the first level.
. Results from Supplier solicitation service are incorporated (if available).
. Analysis to determine if the product meets the requirements of the specific NAFTA rule of origin (tariff shift and/or regional value content).
. Detailed origin determination identifying the product's eligibility.
. If ineligible, analysis continues to the second, third, or fourth level of manufacture.
Consultant at TDS offices Mexican Customs Compliance Services
Jose Ramon Alanis, Import/Export Consultant

There are many reasons for bringing customized training in to your company. With staff changes, some companies find a knowledgeable resource is gone and they want to develop new or junior people into technical experts. Regular training may be a company policy intended to help employees keep pace with regulatory changes and understand new customs initiatives.             View additional services            

  • . IMMEX Compliance
  • . Training programs for Import / export personnel
  • . Mexican Import & Tax Reform
  • . In-house IMMEX control
  • . Maquila Permits

These half to full day workshops at your facilities. We can take place in person as a seminar at your facility or one on one with your import personnel. The training is customized to meet your specific needs and can cover any topic. It can be as general, as technical, or as strategic as you need.

  • . Increase the knowledge and skills of your staff
  • . Keep abreast of regulatory changes and new initiatives
  • . Reduce the risk of non-compliance and potential penalties